Why the Older & Vulnerable Version in use Vulnerability should be of HIGH severity

ATM Hack

ATM is a jackpot for criminals, it is a metal box that contains lots of cash.

ATM is just a computer often a windows computer with an input device like a touch screen and buttons. It also has cassettes which hold lots of cash.

In older days and in today’s time, the easy tactic is to steal the cassette. 😀

Check this video, how the security researcher hack the ATM

A true story of 2013: Bank & ATM Hack

Just imagine, how you feel when ATM starts dispensing cash without your touch. It feels like magic. What we don’t understand, we think it’s magic or some supernatural phenomenon, but I think if we don’t understand that doesn’t mean that there is no science or technical process behind it, just we don’t know about that.

This story is about ATM and bank hacking. In late 2013 an ATM started dispensing cash at random times more often at night. No one had touched or put in the card, the cameras capture that scene. A guy came with a duffle bag and when he went near the ATM, the ATM started dispensing the cash..Lots of cash.

Kaspersky researcher called by Bank IT team to check this, in stating they all are clueless. It looks like a superpower. How it can happen without any touch. In starting, researchers thought this may be a case of hacking (Modified version of already known Malware: Tyupkin) but after analysis of the ATM hard disks, they couldn’t find anything suspicious. The researcher again got a call from a large bank IT team to show something big.



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