My First Burp Extension | Enable Tor Proxy By Burp

Hello Everyone,

Finally, after one week of work, I learned many new things in Jython as well as in Java. When you will see the functionality of this Burp extension, it looks like it needs only one day of development, but for me, it took 1 week because I had zero knowledge of it but yes I know a little bit of Python.

But now after one week of time, I can make this type of Burp extender that automates the process and make our life easy.

What are the problems I faced while developing it, don’t judge me, some are dumb questions to myself:

How to create a Burp extension in Jython?

What is JPanel and how to use it?

How to run Tor proxy in Windows?

How to run Tor Proxy in the background?

How to kill the process in Windows?

How to create a button in Jython?

How to change color?



TOR Proxy Burp Extension



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