How to add a custom filter in the Detect-Secrets (Yelp)code for build

detect-secrets scan --filter

What is the filter in Detect-Secrets?

The filter is something that you don’t want to scan at the time of repo scan by detect-secrets. Like your organization use “AppID = dasdsfdsfsdfsf”, so for “Detect-secrets” this is secret but for your organization, it’s a normal value. So if you want fewer false-positive results then we use the filters.

How to add filter code in code and build the detect secret?

Step1: Clone the “Detect-Secrets” tool repo.
git clone

import string

def is_likely_filter(secret, line):
line = line.lower()

if "AppID" in line:
return True
return False
detect-secrets scan > .secrets.baseline
detect-secrets scan --baseline .secrets.baseline
printf '\tif "'"$1"'" in line:\n\t\treturn True\n\treturn False\n' >> detect_secrets/filters/
pip3 uninstall detect-secrets
python3 build
python3 install



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