Lazy Hacker

I had faced a situation where the client gave me a list of 2000 IP addresses list and after sometime client gave me another list of IP addresses which was not in scope. Now the problem was that I have to filter out the scope IP address from the IP address list.

I had two options
1. Do it manually
2. Done by automation.

I had chosen 2nd option.

Initially, automation takes time but it makes our life easy.

Command: Scope_IP_Address_Filter_From_IP_Address_List.exe IPaddresslist.txt outofscope.txt

Output File: Finalscope.txt


Check This:



  1. The website holder generates the “public key” and “private key”.
  2. The website holder sends the “public key” with some other information like holder name, subject, serial number, signature algorithm, signature, etc to the certificate authority.
  3. The certificate authority verifies the data provided by the Website holder then builds the certificate and finally digitally signs it for the holder. A certificate is a document that contains necessary information about the website holder like the holder's public key, expiration date, name of the certificate holder, and the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority.
  4. CA send the certificate to the website holder. The holder configures the certificate in the server.